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Think Inclusive is off this week as we prep for the homestretch to season 11.  

This week, we have a feed drop for you from our friends at AMI.  

It’s called The Pulse. 

In this episode: Journalists Amy Silverman and Rebecca Montelion discuss ableism, journalism, and intellectual disability. They explore the importance of plain language in news reporting and the need to include the voices of people with intellectual disabilities themselves. The guests share their experiences working on a pilot project that focused on cognitive accessibility in journalism and highlight the lack of scholarly research in this area. They also discuss the challenges of navigating relationships with caregivers and parents when covering stories about people with intellectual disabilities.  

Transcript: https://otter.ai/u/uyq8j83pDlyeEAYJxrRBljRcwo4

Enjoy the feed drop from AMI – The Pulse to learn more about making journalism more inclusive and accessible. 

We will see you back in our feed next week.

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