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Our work is to share our knowledge and methods, empower educators to become confident and effective, and support educational organizations in creating change through collaboration.

MCIE Services

Promoting authentic inclusion, facilitating educator learning, fostering change, and supporting educator implementation of inclusive practices

How We Can Work With You

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District-Wide Systems Change and School Transformation

MCIE has developed a systemic change process that begins with District-level engagement and establishment of a core leadership team. Once readiness for systemic change is established, we work to align departmental and priority initiatives with inclusive practices. Schools are strategically engaged to become demonstration sites for including all learners, using a 3-year change process. Key to our success is the partnership with district leaders, school administrators, and a district-assigned technical assistance partner who walks with MCIE staff through every step.

  • Staff self-assessment of beliefs, strengths, and opportunities for growth
    • Beliefs survey
    • Strengths/opportunities interactive input
    • Key areas for input
    • Barriers and facilitators brainstorming
  • Leadership team assessment of school priorities
    • Quality indicators of school-wide inclusive practices
    • School look-for/district interview
  • Priority to Practice Action Planning
  • Scheduling learners in natural proportions
  • Establishing collaborative practices for instructional teams
  • Supporting changing roles and relationships for shared responsibility and accountability
  • Policy and Practice alignment with inclusive practices
  • Principal/Leadership roles/professional learning
  • Leadership team assessment of district priorities
  • School-wide and community communication planning
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Professional Learning and Coaching

MCIE's professional learning and coaching services range from individual teacher coaching, grade-level training sessions, and topical workshops, to year-long capacity-building tailored to your unique needs.

  • Planning and Delivering Effective, Evidence-based Core Instruction
  • Setting Routines and Rituals for Instruction and Transitions
  • Differentiating Core Instruction
  • Teaching Patterns for Differentiation
  • Collaborative Planning and Co-Teaching
  • Adapting Lessons for Learners with Disabilities
  • Specially Designed Instruction
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Visual Supports: for English Learners and Learners with Disabilities
  • Creating a Sense of Belonging
  • Positive Social and Behavioral Supports
  • Paraprofessional Supports
  • And more!
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Customized Learner Planning

MCIE uses a learner-centered planning process that engages the child’s instructional team in designing strategies to promote engagement in learning for successful social and academic outcomes.

  • MAPs (Making Action Plans) with the child’s family
  • Planning for Participation
  • Planning for Learning
  • General Academic and Behavior Support Planning
  • Indicators of Inclusion: Membership, Participation, and Learning

Our Work Begins
With A Conversation

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