Transforming Education for Each and Every Learner

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Elevate your educational landscape with MCIE. Partner with us in shaping educational systems that foster high levels of engagement, a sense of belonging, and evidence-based instruction where each learner’s success is our shared goal.

Our Work Begins
With A Conversation


Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education

MCIE is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting schools and school systems on their journey to create inclusive school communities where all children and youth feel a sense of belonging and have equitable educational opportunities that result in high levels of academic success.

Think Inclusive

Think Inclusive is MCIE’s blog, podcast, and social media handle.

FEED DROP: Inclusive Education Roadmap Part Two – Inclusive Occupations

Think Inclusive is off for the summer, but in the meantime, enjoy this feed drop from our friend ...

FEED DROP: Inclusive Education Roadmap Part One – Inclusive Occupations

Think Inclusive is off for the summer, but we have feed drops from some of our podcasting friends ...
Think Inclusive Podcast Cover Art

Graduate Excluded at Ceremony Sparks Fight for Inclusion

About the Guest(s): Ashlynn Rich: Ashlynn Rich is a recent high school graduate with Down syndrome. She graduated ...


Explore resources from MCIE and our favorite inclusionists!

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MCIE Resources

From enlightening white papers and indispensable tools to engaging presentations: see our curated selection and let us know what you would like us to add.

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Topical Resources

Uncover a treasure trove of publicly available materials on related subjects. Stay informed and up to date on the trends and developments in the field.

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Helpful websites

Connect with a network of friends focused on advancing inclusive education through our recommended websites.

What People Are Saying


“It is hard to put into words the impact that MCIE has had on my school. I see the benefits every time I walk into one of the classrooms; our school is truly a community of learners where everyone is looked upon as integral parts of this community. This could not have been accomplished without all of the support and guidance that we received from MCIE.”

Rick Edwards
Former Principal and District Leader in Cecil County, Maryland

"Just so much to appreciate about MCIE. I think I take for granted that you folks do this outstanding work. You are all a reminder of what is possible, and I am so grateful for it."

Dr. Paula Kluth
National consultant

“...we connected with an expert in the field… the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, who forever changed my educational philosophy and trajectory. I thought inclusion was about being in the same place with one another, but I now understand that it is much more than that. To truly be included, each person must feel a genuine sense of belonging and meaning fully participate with others.”

Dr. Kate Cavanaugh
Principal of Cherokee Elementary School, Lake Forest, Illinois

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