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Conversations about inclusive education and what inclusion looks like in the real world.

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MCIE Summer Institute August 6 and 7

Join us in Annapolis, Mayland on August 6 & 7 for the second annual MCIE Summer Institute. The 2-day institute is designed to provide valuable insights on inclusive school leadership, team collaboration, and specially designed instruction for educators, families, and partners on the journey towards inclusive schooling.
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Understanding Behavior in Education: Shifting Perspectives and Supporting Students with Dr. Emily King

Dr. Emily King discusses the evolution of behavior support in education, emphasizing the importance of understanding the emotional experiences of students. She challenges the traditional deficit model and highlights the need for patterns and prevention strategies. Dr. King also addresses the silos between general and special education and offers practical advice for educators to create inclusive classrooms. She emphasizes the significance of building relationships with students, knowing their interests, and creating a safe and secure learning environment. Dr. King's mission is to make school better for neurodivergent students and promote collaboration between parents and teachers.
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The Importance of Inclusion in Education: A Principal’s Perspective with Will Parker

In this insightful episode of the Think Inclusive podcast, host Tim Villegas welcomes Will Parker, a seasoned educator and podcaster, to delve into the nuanced world of school leadership and the pressing issues facing principals today. Addressing the current climate in educational leadership, Parker brings to light the arduousness of a principal’s role, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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How Oregon Prioritizes Early Childhood Inclusion

Meredith Villines and Autumn Belloni uncover the strides Oregon has taken toward setting a standard for inclusivity in early education, highlighting the shared belief in the importance of inclusive education right from the onset of a child's educational journey. Autumn and Meredith delve into Oregon's program structure, explaining how nine regions collaborate to provide seamless services for children birth through five and the supportive role of the Oregon Department of Education in fostering these initiatives. They also share valuable revelations on the impact of inclusive settings on children's learning and development, emphasizing the resultant gain in language skills, peer relationships, and teacher growth when children with disabilities are included in general education classrooms.
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ECTA: Building High-Quality Systems Supporting Inclusive Education for Young Learners with Disabilities

About the Guest(s): Christina Kasprzak and Dr. Megan Vinh are the Co-Directors of the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA). Christina brings her expertise in leading initiatives to develop equitable and sustainable state systems for children with disabilities and their families. Her personal connection to the cause comes from a family that valued community and […]
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The Autism Society: Promoting Inclusion and Amplifying Autistic Voices

This episode of the Think Inclusive podcast features a fascinating conversation with Allie Tasche, an impassioned advocate for inclusive education and a key player at the Autism Society. The episode delves into Allie's personal journey, the significance of inclusion in education, and the Autism Society's effort to empower communities. Tim Villegas, the host, and Allie discuss her formative experiences and dedication to creating an inclusive environment, stemming from her family background and firsthand encounters with disability service fields. Allie highlights key insights on the Autism Society's initiatives and strategies for promoting acceptance over awareness.
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Embracing Neurodiversity in STEM Education for All Learners

About the Guest(s): Dr. Jodi Asbell-Clarke is an esteemed figure in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) community, particularly in the realm of game-based learning. With a background enriched by working on the space shuttle program for its first 25 missions, she has been pivotal in linking computational thinking and neurodiversity, offering unique insights into […]
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The Participation Specialists: How Occupational Therapists Can Facilitate Inclusive Education

Savitha and Tim discuss the nuances of including students with extensive support needs in general education. Savitha unpacks her transition from a traditional understanding of educational practices to pioneering inclusive education methodologies. Her commitment to nurturing social contexts that facilitate the engagement and growth of children with disabilities shines through as she retells experiences that reshaped her professional trajectory.
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Embracing Radical Acceptance: A Journey of Inclusion and Understanding with Dr. Leah Kelley

In this episode of the Think Inclusive podcast, Leah Kelley joins Tim Villegas for a profound discussion on the intersections of storytelling, education, and disability advocacy. Right from the onset, the conversation delves into Leah's unique approach to writing and her pursuit of inclusivity through narratives. The dialogue transitions into exploring the importance of whose story is being told when discussing disability and how storytelling serves as a potent tool for learning and connection.
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A Conversation with Sharon Draper on her ‘Out of My Mind’ Book Series

In this episode of the Think Inclusive podcast, we are joined by Sharon Draper, an exceptional voice in middle-grade literature whose books have captivated readers around the globe. Draper takes us behind the scenes of her creative process during the conversation, sharing the inspirations and challenges that shape her memorable characters and their stories.
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