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Conversations about inclusive education and what inclusion looks like in the real world.

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The Participation Specialists: How Occupational Therapists Can Facilitate Inclusive Education

Savitha and Tim discuss the nuances of including students with extensive support needs in general education. Savitha unpacks her transition from a traditional understanding of educational practices to pioneering inclusive education methodologies. Her commitment to nurturing social contexts that facilitate the engagement and growth of children with disabilities shines through as she retells experiences that reshaped her professional trajectory.
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Embracing Radical Acceptance: A Journey of Inclusion and Understanding with Dr. Leah Kelley

In this episode of the Think Inclusive podcast, Leah Kelley joins Tim Villegas for a profound discussion on the intersections of storytelling, education, and disability advocacy. Right from the onset, the conversation delves into Leah's unique approach to writing and her pursuit of inclusivity through narratives. The dialogue transitions into exploring the importance of whose story is being told when discussing disability and how storytelling serves as a potent tool for learning and connection.
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A Conversation with Sharon Draper on her ‘Out of My Mind’ Book Series

In this episode of the Think Inclusive podcast, we are joined by Sharon Draper, an exceptional voice in middle-grade literature whose books have captivated readers around the globe. Draper takes us behind the scenes of her creative process during the conversation, sharing the inspirations and challenges that shape her memorable characters and their stories.
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Elevate Your Inclusive School Leadership Skills at the MCIE Summer Institute This August

Join us in Annapolis, Mayland on August 6 & 7 for the second annual MCIE Summer Institute. The 2-day institute is designed to provide valuable insights on inclusive school leadership, team collaboration, and specially designed instruction for educators, families, and partners on the journey towards inclusive schooling.
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The Barefoot Autism Challenge: Exploring Neurodiversity Through Running Barefoot

Ken Posner delves into the fascinating world of barefoot living and its unique connection to the autistic community. Ken shares the origins and experiences of the Barefoot Autism Challenge, a movement initiated by Tyler Leach that endeavors to provide sensory stimulation and support for individuals with autism.
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Breaking the Curve: How Standards-Based Grading is Transforming Education

Dr. Thomas Guskey delves into the complexities of traditional grading systems and explores the potential of standards-based grading to revolutionize how learners are evaluated. The episode kicks off with Dr. Guskey discussing the gaps between grading knowledge and practices and how the reliance on traditional models has impacted education.
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*FEED DROP* Learn with Dr. Emily

This week, we have a feed drop from a fantastic podcast, Learn with Dr. Emily. Dr. Emily King is a child psychologist and former school psychologist specializing in raising and teaching children and teens diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, and/or giftedness. Each week, she shares her thoughts on a topic related to psychology, parenting, education, or parent-teacher collaboration.
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Beth Leipholtz: Advocate for Inclusion and Accessibility

Tim Villegas welcomes guest Beth Leipholtz to a dialogue that navigates the intertwining paths of personal narrative, maternal advocacy, and the pursuit of inclusive environments. Beth provides a window into her world as the mother of a deaf child equipped with cochlear implants, touching on the role of American Sign Language (ASL) in their lives and the decisions that have shaped their journey. 
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How PINE is Revolutionizing Professional Learning for Inclusive Education

In this episode of Think Inclusive, Lauren delves into her origin story and how a research-focused professional found her calling in New York City's public schools, ultimately leading her to champion an education model embracing inclusion and neurodiversity. We talk about PINE's structured professional development solutions and how the organization's systemic approach enables educators across entire school systems to support neurodiverse students effectively. The conversation underscores the transformative potential of inclusive education when professional development becomes a shared language and responsibility.
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Dr. Carolyn Teigland Chosen for the Leadership Maryland Executive Program’s Class of 2024

Dr. Teigland is one of 52 individuals chosen for the Leadership Maryland Executive Program’s 31st class, who will complete the eight-month, hands-on learning program focused on the state’s most vital issues. The program will run from April to December, and include five, two-day sessions focused on Maryland’s five main geographic regions and the most vital issues impacting economic development, education, health and human services, criminal justice, the environment, and multi-culturalism/diversity across the state. More than 100 experts representing Maryland’s business, government, education, and non-profit communities will serve as panelists and guest speakers.
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