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Hi Friends. Tim Villegas here from the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education. This week, we have a feed drop from a fantastic podcast, Learn with Dr. Emily. Dr. Emily King is a child psychologist and former school psychologist specializing in raising and teaching children and teens diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, and/or giftedness. Each week, she shares her thoughts on a topic related to psychology, parenting, education, or parent-teacher collaboration. The episode I’m going to share with you today features Dr. Tina Payne Bryson discussing the concept of attachment and its significance in child development, emphasizing the role of parents in providing secure attachment, regulating children’s emotional and physiological states, approaching discipline as a teaching process, supporting neurodivergent children, and trusting the non-linear developmental process. While this information was directed toward parents, educators can learn a lot from this conversation. 

Transcript: https://otter.ai/u/_6P_fEb1oTNzszG_QM_sR0pfTP8

Learn with Dr. Emily: https://pod.link/1639929216

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