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About The Guest(s): Lori Boll is an inclusive education leader with a personal connection to individuals with disabilities. Her son Braden was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and an intellectual developmental delay, inspiring her to advocate for all children’s education. Lori has taught in international schools for over 25 years and holds two Masters degrees in Reading Education and Special Education. She is the Executive Director of SENIA International and supports others on their professional development journeys. Her expertise and personal connection help her make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 

Summary: Lori Boll, the Executive Director of SENIA, an international nonprofit organization, discusses the importance of inclusion in education and how SENIA supports educators in creating inclusive learning environments in international schools. SENIA provides resources, conferences, and coursework to educate parents, families, and educators on best practices for inclusion. They also offer a membership program for schools and school districts, as well as regional and local chapters worldwide. SENIA’s mission is to advocate for and provide resources for individuals with disabilities, with a focus on promoting inclusion and equity.


Key Takeaways:

  • SENIA is an international nonprofit organization that advocates for and provides resources for individuals with disabilities.
  • SENIA’s mission is to promote inclusion and equity in education through three pillars: learn, connect, and support.
  • SENIA offers conferences, coursework, and a membership program for schools and school districts to support their inclusion efforts.
  • SENIA is working towards creating an accreditation program for international schools that want to prioritize inclusion.
  • Inclusion benefits all students and helps create a more equitable and diverse learning environment.



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