The Autism Society: Promoting Inclusion and Amplifying Autistic Voices

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About the Guest(s): Allie Tasche is an advocate and leader in the field of inclusive education. With over a decade of experience that includes six years as a classroom educator followed by various coaching and administrative leadership roles, Allie has specialized in systems-level practices for educational equity. Her background includes working in summer camps, group homes, classrooms, and school districts, all with a focus on disability justice and inclusion. Allie has also served as a board member of her local Autism Society, Greater Wisconsin, and currently plays a crucial role within the national team of the Autism Society as the leader of national programs for an affiliate network.

Episode Summary: This episode of the Think Inclusive podcast features a fascinating conversation with Allie Tasche, an impassioned advocate for inclusive education and a key player at the Autism Society. The episode delves into Allie’s personal journey, the significance of inclusion in education, and the Autism Society’s effort to empower communities. Tim Villegas, the host, and Allie discuss her formative experiences and dedication to creating an inclusive environment, stemming from her family background and firsthand encounters with disability service fields. Allie highlights key insights on the Autism Society’s initiatives and strategies for promoting acceptance over awareness.


Key Takeaways:

  • Inclusive education is deeply personal and vital for Allie Tasche, inspired by her family’s history and experiences that sparked a commitment to disability justice.
  • The Autism Society has progressed from an old brand that no longer represented its values to a new interconnected threads logo symbolizing the autism community’s diversity and strength.
  • Inclusive practices in schools are crucial for building a foundation for a more inclusive society across various community settings.
  • Educators play an essential role in modeling and implementing inclusive practices beyond the classroom environment, influencing other sectors of the community.
  • The Autism Society’s National Programs team, led by Allie, is dedicated to filling community gaps by highlighting intersectionality and creating connections through programs, resources, and services.



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