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Conversations about inclusive education and what inclusion looks like in the real world.

Amy Langerman, Amanda Selogie & Vickie Brett | LRE

Discussions around the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for students with disabilities are almost always tricky. For this episode, we attempt to make LRE a little more understandable. We interview Amy Langerman, special education advocate and attorney in California and Arizona. We discuss the difficulty of some parents seeking the Least Restrictive Environment for their child […]

Carol Quirk | Systems Change and Inclusive Education

Today on the podcast, my interview with Carol Quirk (CEO of the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education). We discuss what it really takes for school systems to move to a model where 90% of all students with disabilities are included in general education classrooms. It is not only a pipe dream.   This episode’s transcript can […]

BONUS: To Waiver or Not To Waiver / Betsy DeVos Gives Her Recommendations to Congress

For so many of us, whether you are an educator, parent, or both, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a strain on all of us. And in late March, when word got out that Betsy DeVos was going to possibly recommend waiving part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) because of the hardship that […]

Including Students with Intellectual Disabilities in General Education

Today on the podcast, we are going to talk about modifying curriculum. For my students back in Pasadena, CA, according to their IEP, the team agreed that this was the best way to access the curriculum. To take a part of the standards and then modify it down to where they were able to meaningfully […]

Christina Samuels & Jackie Mader | Unprepared Teachers and the Special Educator Shortage

Today on the podcast, I interview Christina Samuels of Education Week.  We discuss Ed Week’s Special Report called Special Education: Practice and Pitfalls. It takes a look at the shortage of special education teachers, how co-teaching strategies enhance the effectiveness of education for all students, and how to encourage parents and students to advocate for […]

Mike McHargue & Erin Green | Same-Sex Relationships, Autism, & Inclusion

Today on the podcast, my interview with Mike McHargue, speaker and author of Finding God in the Waves, host of the Ask Science Mike podcast and contributor to the Liturgists Podcast. We talk about his recent diagnosis of autism and his thoughts about how disability, sexual identity, and faith intersect. Also, Erin Green (Co-Director of […]

Julie Causton | Inclusive Schooling

Today on the podcast, our guest is Dr. Julie Causton, creator of Inclusive Schooling, an engaging community for educators, administrators, and parents who seek to create more inclusive schools.  We discuss six strategies for families who desire for their children to be educated in an inclusive classroom.  Follow Julie and Inclusive Schooling on Facebook and […]
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The Intersection of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Inclusive Education

Melissa Winchell's guest post advocates for the integration of culturally responsive teaching and inclusive education in classrooms to better represent and understand disabled identities, teach about disabilities as socially constructed, and work with students to dismantle ableism, thereby transforming classrooms into genuinely inclusive spaces.

Erin Studer | CHIME Institute

Today on the podcast, our guest is Dr. Erin Studer, principal of CHIME charter school. We discuss how CHIME has made full inclusion work since the 90s and how they can serve as a model for what is possible for schools in the United States and beyond. Follow CHIME on Instagram and Twitter! Visit Think […]

Lou Brown | Progress

Today on the podcast, our first guest of the new season is Lou Brown, co-founder of TASH (an organization that advocates for human rights and inclusion for people with significant disabilities and support needs) and Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin.  We discuss what supports for students with significant disabilities looked like before 1975 […]
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