Think Inclusive

Conversations about inclusive education and what inclusion looks like in the real world.

Julie Causton | How Can We Reform Our Schools for Inclusion?

Today I will be speaking with Dr. Julie N Causton, an associate professor in the Department of Teaching and Leadership at Syracuse University and creator of the website Inspire Inclusion which includes a ten-part video series about inclusion for parents of children with disabilities.┬áJulie and I discuss the necessary steps for schools to become more […]
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5 Videos That Will Change Your Mind About Inclusive Education

Discover how inclusive education can work wonders for students with disabilities through these five videos. Witness the power of commitment, differentiated instruction, and augmentative and alternative communication in fostering an inclusive classroom community that benefits all students. Watch the videos now and see for yourself how inclusion can transform lives.

Dan Habib | Who Cares About Kelsey?

Today I will be speaking with Dan Habib about his new film Who Cares About Kelsey? **You may be familiar with Dan because of his previous groundbreaking documentary about his son “Including Samuel”** The film will be broadcast on public television beginning the weekend of September 28th. In addition to the film there are 11 […]

Ariane Zurcher | A Conversation About Autism

Today I will be speaking with Ariane Zurcher, a Huffington Post blogger as well as creator of the blog Emma’s Hope Book, a chronicle of sorts about her autistic daughter. She is one of the leading voices in the autism community and I had the pleasure of visiting with her one evening in June. Ariane […]

Paula Kluth | Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?

Today I will be speaking with Paula Kluth, an internationally renowned author and speak about inclusive education. Her books are some of my favorite resources and I am constantly recommending her work to my colleagues. A little confession about this recording…it was recorded in May and I am finally getting around to editing it. It […]

The Fialco Family | Starabella

Today I will be speaking with Marvin, Sharon and Dana Fialco…authors of the Starabella book series. Starabella is a new series of books about a very courageous little girl with learning differences who expresses her thoughts and feelings through music. The books are based on the real life experiences of Marvin and Sharon’s daughter, Tara […]

Nicole Eredics | The Inclusive Class

Today I will be speaking with Nicole Eredics, co-host of the Inclusive Class Podcast on Nicole spent many years as a classroom teacher in British Columbia, Canada in a fully inclusive educational system before moving to the US a few years ago. Nicole and I discuss the differences between the Canadian and US educational […]
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