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Conversations about inclusive education and what inclusion looks like in the real world.

Russ Ewell: Creating Inclusive Soccer and Hope Technology School

About the Guest(s): Russ Ewell is the CEO of Digital Scribbler, the founder of Hope Technology Group, and the creator of the communication app Quick Talk AAC. He is also the founder of EA Soccer, an all-volunteer inclusive soccer program dedicated to empowering both typical and special needs children of all abilities. Russ has been […]

Dr. Julie Causton discusses the steps schools must take to become more inclusive.

In this episode, Dr. Julie Causton discusses the necessary steps for schools to become more inclusive. She shares insights from her research project, Schools of Promise, which focused on transforming schools to be more inclusive. Dr. Causton emphasizes the importance of professional development for teachers and the need to reimagine the service delivery model in school districts. She also highlights the role of the law in promoting inclusive education and shares examples of successful inclusive schools. The conversation explores strategies for addressing challenging behavior and the misconception that inclusion is not academically appropriate for all students. Dr. Causton provides practical ideas and resources for creating inclusive classrooms and offers guidance for parents advocating for inclusive education.
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5 Videos That Will Change Your Mind About Inclusive Education

Discover how inclusive education can work wonders for students with disabilities through these five videos. Witness the power of commitment, differentiated instruction, and augmentative and alternative communication in fostering an inclusive classroom community that benefits all students. Watch the videos now and see for yourself how inclusion can transform lives.

Filmmaker Dan Habib discusses the importance of positive behavior support in schools.

Tim Villegas interviews Dan Habib about his latest film, "Who Cares About Kelsey." They discuss the importance of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) in schools, the challenges faced by students with hidden disabilities, and the need for leadership and systems change. Dan shares insights from his experiences filming Kelsey's story and highlights the transformative power of inclusive education. The conversation also touches on the upcoming broadcast of the film on public television and the impact it can have on raising awareness and promoting change.

Ariane Zurcher discusses autism advocacy and the importance of inclusion.

Tim Villegas interviews Ariane Zurcher, a prominent autism advocate and blogger. Ariane shares her journey from knowing nothing about autism when her daughter, Emma, was first diagnosed, to becoming a strong advocate for the autistic community. She discusses the initial reaction to Emma’s diagnosis, the need for a more inclusive approach to autism, and the importance of listening to autistic individuals. Ariane also emphasizes the negative effects of fear-based narratives surrounding autism and the need for a more compassionate and understanding society.

Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?: A Conversation with Paula Kluth

About the Guest(s): Dr. Paula Kluth is an internationally renowned consultant, author, advocate, and independent scholar. She has worked extensively with teachers and families to provide inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities and create more responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners. With a background as a special educator, classroom teacher, and inclusion facilitator, […]

Don’t We Already Do Inclusion?: A Conversation with Paula Kluth

In this episode, host Tim Villegas interviews Dr. Paula Kluth, an expert in inclusive education. They discuss the concept of reverse inclusion and whether it can be a stepping stone to authentic inclusion. Dr. Kluth shares her insights on ways educators can promote inclusion in their local schools and the role of technology in the classroom. The conversation highlights the importance of challenging traditional models of education and creating inclusive environments that meet the needs of all learners.

Spreading the Message of Acceptance Through the Starabella Book Series

Tim Villegas interviews Marvin, Sharon, and Dana Fialco, the authors of the Starbella book series. The series is based on the real-life experiences of Tara Fialco, who showed incredible musical talent from a young age but faced challenges due to her autism. The Fialco family shares their journey of discovering Tara's talent, navigating her social challenges, and advocating for inclusion and acceptance. The Starbella books aim to inspire children to embrace their uniqueness and create a more accepting world. The episode explores the power of music, the bond between siblings, and the importance of empathy and understanding.

Inclusive Education in Canada vs. the US: A Teacher’s Perspective with Nicole Eredics

In this episode of the Think Inclusive Podcast, host Tim Villegas interviews Nicole Eredics, an experienced educator in inclusive education. Nicole shares her insights and experiences from working in the fully inclusive educational system in British Columbia, Canada, and compares it to the US educational system. They discuss the differences in approach to inclusion, the challenges faced by teachers, and the importance of parental involvement. Nicole emphasizes the need for proper training and support for teachers in order to create successful inclusive classrooms. The conversation highlights the benefits of inclusive education for all students and the importance of spreading awareness and understanding of inclusive practices.
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