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About the Guest(s): Will Parker hosts “Principal Matters: The School Leaders Podcast.” With a rich background in education spanning over three decades, Will Parker has established himself as a seasoned educator and an influential voice in school leadership. Having served as a high school administrator for over 13 years and then as an executive director for a state Principals association, Parker boasts an extensive understanding of the challenges and triumphs within educational leadership. In his current role, he dedicates himself full-time to Principal Matters LLC, offering consulting services to principals and leaders across schools in the United States and internationally. His podcast has reached an impressive milestone, boasting 1.4 million downloads and nearly 400 episodes.

Episode Summary: In this insightful episode of the Think Inclusive podcast, host Tim Villegas welcomes Will Parker, a seasoned educator and podcaster, to delve into the nuanced world of school leadership and the pressing issues facing principals today. Addressing the current climate in educational leadership, Parker brings to light the arduousness of a principal’s role, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conversation begins with Parker highlighting the findings of a survey by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, revealing the staggering stress levels and mental health needs among school leaders. He highlights the complexities of managing safety, inclusivity, and the school environment amidst heightened scrutiny. As the dialogue progresses, they touch on the fundamental importance of inclusion not only for students but also for educators, illustrating how dignity and equitable access in education are central tenets of Parker’s ethos. Showcasing real-world experiences, Parker shares poignant narratives reflective of the transformative power of empathetic leadership in schools.


Key Takeaways:

  • A significant number of school leaders consider career changes due to high-stress levels and confrontations, which sheds light on the current crisis in leadership within the education sector.
  • Inclusion is vital to the fabric of educational environments, emphasizing the human right to education for all children, irrespective of background or ability.
  • Leadership involves a keen understanding of the individuals you serve, requiring differentiation in teaching, disciplinary approaches, and communication.
  • The episode addresses the necessity for educators and leaders to uphold principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion amidst politically charged environments, emphasizing demonstrating unwavering love and support for students.
  • Imaginative thinking and empathetic engagement are foundational strategies for school leaders to support teachers and nurture a successful learning environment, especially regarding inclusion.


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